6 After a Suicide | A Toolkit for Physician Residency/Fellowship Programs Crisis Response Team A Crisis Response Team serves an important role following any critical incident, including the loss of a trainee to suicide. The team carries out the critical aspects of crisis management in the aftermath of suicide loss: communication, support of the community, and prevention of contagion. Selecting the team leader and members can be accomplished in a number of ways, but the team should include several key individuals such as: DIO, PDs, other key faculty, CR, mental health professionals, and other key staff such as PC and hospital staff (from nursing or other services). The team leader needs to ensure the checklist is carried out. In some instances, the DIO may be best suited to lead the team, and in other instances, it may make more sense for the PD or other key program faculty to take the lead. The following is a template to assist in the development and action planning of your Crisis Response Team. Team Leader: Team Member Tasks from Checklist Date Completed