7 After a Suicide | A Toolkit for Physician Residency/Fellowship Programs Crisis Response Communication Plan Once the death has been confirmed by the institution, a coordinated crisis response should be implemented to manage the situation, provide opportunities for grief support, help residents and faculty cope with their feelings, and minimize the risk of suicide contagion. (see Crisis Response Team, pg. 6) First, a Crisis Response Team should be identified. This team should coordinate communication across the graduate training program, associated institution, and others. Keeping a list of individuals who need to be informed and a plan for who will speak to each individual along with notes of when completed is useful (see Appendix A for example). Whom to notify when and in what manner varies. One approach and list of potential individuals to communicate with is shown below. Communication Plan Phase 1 • Immediate notification in person or by phone: Institutional Leadership (President/CEO, Dean), Institutional Graduate Medical Education Leadership (DIO, Associate DIO, GMEC chairs, administrators), PD, APD, Departmental Chair, PC, office staff, CR of deceased resident, and/or resident mental health/employee assistance personnel. Also contact deceased resident’s emergency contact person. Phase 2 • Same day notification in person or by phone: All faculty in that department (see pg. 15), chaplain, Dean of Students and GME at institutional medical school, Deceased resident’s fellow residents, and select nursing staff, human resources, legal, communication/public relations office. Phase 3 • Notification within 24 hours by email: Institutional GME community (PDs, PCs, residents, core faculty), Chairs of other departments, ACGME, DIOs in local institutions. Phase 4 • Notification within 48 hours by email: residents in other programs at the institution, PDs at the institution, Dean of Students at deceased resident’s medical school. The first people to notify are those who need to know while formal announcements are prepared and fellow residents (residents in the same program as the deceased resident) are notified (see Sharing the News, pg. 11). A suggested communication checklist can be found in Appendix A.