38 After a Suicide | A Toolkit for Physician Residency/Fellowship Programs Appendix F: Sample Media Statement It may be necessary to proactively or upon request provide a statement to local media outlets. Such statements will likely need to be reviewed by an institution’s communication and legal team. In some states there may be a state law regarding discussing cause of death. A sample script is below: We were informed by the coroner’s office that a [AGE] -year-old resident at [LOCATION] has died. The cause of death was suicide. OR We were informed by the coroner’s office that [AGE] -year-old resident at [LOCATION] has died unexpectedly. Dr. [NAME] was a [YEAR OF RESIDENT] year resident in the [SCHOOL] residency program at [NAME OF HOSPITAL]. He was graduate of [COLLEGE IN YEAR] and [MEDICAL SCHOOL IN YEAR]. Our thoughts and support go out to [HIS/HER] family and friends at this difficult time. Trained crisis counselors will be available to meet with residents, faculty, and staff starting tomorrow and continuing over the next few weeks as needed. Research has shown that graphic, sensationalized, or romanticized descriptions of suicide deaths in the news media can increase the risk of suicide contagion (“copycat” suicides), particularly among youth. Media are strongly encouraged to refer to the document “Reporting on Suicide: Recommendations for the Media,” which is available at afsp.org/media. Media Contact Name: Title: School: Phone: Email Address: